Sports Bra for Physical Exercise

A sports bra is a bra that is used as additional support for women's breasts during physical exercise. More powerful than a regular bra, has a function to restrict breast motion, added comfort, and minimize the potential damage to the ligaments chest.

Some women, especially those who have larger breasts, wearing a sports bra to reduce pain, discomfort, and embarrassment resulting from breast movement during exercise, which may make them reluctant to exercise. Some sports bras designed to be worn as outer garments during exercise like jogging.

Sports bras can also be used by women following breast surgery procedures. In this sperti situation, the front cover with a compression sports bra, seamless cups is recommended for healing and comfort. Fabrics such as Lycra can help reduce swelling and to help "even out" bustline that have been changed by surgical procedure.

Sports Bra
Also produced a sports bra for men with breasts larger to allow them to do physical exercise. Some of the descriptions used to describe the smooth bras for men chest binder, compression vest or shimmels.

About 50 percent of women reported pain or discomfort in their chest during exercise. It varies in intensity and may depend on what they wear. In a study in Australia 3 women (17-21, cup sizes B and C) which was photographed shirtless workout, with two bra models generally, and with a particular sports bra. As expected, breast motion is reduced by wearing a bra, and the most effective sports bra. The women said, adding comfort to wear a bra, especially a sports bra. But not all sports bras are created equal and must be properly installed.

In 2007 a research found that breasts reposition in three planes of motion during exercise. This research concluded that encapsulation bras are more efficient than compression bra to reduce breast movement during physical exercise because the total encapsulation bras reduce the motion in two of the three planes, while compression bras reduce the motion in only one area. Although some women athletes are concerned. sports bra that can interfere with breathing, and increased pressure on the ribs have been proved, no significant effect on breathing can be displayed.

Most studies have concentrated on the sports bra, in which discomfort is directly related to the level of movement of the nipple. While the sports bra is more effective in this regard than standard bras, they also vary greatly in their effectiveness

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