Facebook Stock Falling from IPO Price

Facebook stock dropped more than 13% of the initial public offering (IPO) of U.S. $ 38 per share in the second trading day. Giant Social networking stock had already edged up 0.6% at the close of trading debut last weekend. 

Eyes of investors and market players glued to the stock owned by Mark Zuckerberg's company because of the lack of good performance at the inaugural trade. Because the IPO Facebook is the most awaited the technology industry. 

Last Friday, Facebook stock rise 23 cents, up just above the IPO price. In fact, many investors expect Facebook stock performance could be better. 

As quoted by CNBC, Monday (5/21/2012), Facebook stock fell less than the IPO price. It remains unclear if the Facebook underwriter , such as Morgan Stanley will to intervene to stabilize its stock price. At the beginning of the inaugural opening of trading last week, Facebook stock rise 11% and prices continued to rise away from its first U.S. $ 38 per share. 

Many investors are predicting this is going to stock soared on the first day of trading. More than 576 million Facebook stocks traded on the opening up of trade, which causes the volume of stock trading on Wall Street through the record. 

However, in the end of trading, shares rise up even weaker and 25% of shares traded on the stock actually sold investors. Stock coded 'FB' is only up 37 cents, or 0.97% above the price of its first U.S. $ 38 per share, or below investor expectations.

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