Computer Virus "Flame" Allegedly Made in Israel

The new computer virus called Flame has attacked hundreds of computers in the Middle East, especially in Iran. The new virus is very smart, allegedly made by Israel to disrupt Iran's nuclear program.

The virus was first discovered by a Kaspersky Lab team, a computer security company from Russia, Tuesday (29/5). Kaspersky said , the virus has the size and capabilities that have never owned a computer virus before.

Flame is not only able to take all data stored in the infected computer, but also able to monitor all computer users activities, by taking an active screen shots and record buttons that pressed on the keyboard (keystrokes).

Flame can also turn on the computer audio system, including a microphone, so can listening on any users conversation. Another Flame advantage is can access mobile phone with Bluetooth around the infected computer.

"The virus can be used for espionage and sabotage," said one researcher Kaspersky, Roel Schouwenberg. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UN agencies that regulates the use of information and communication technology, the virus is allegedly made by one or several countries.

ITU, which is ordered Kaspersky to investigate the activity of the virus, issued a warning that the Flame is a means of espionage is potentially harmful damage a country's critical infrastructure. "This is the most serious cyber alert we've ever made," said Marco Obiso, ITU cyber security chief.

According to Kaspersky, the virus has infected hundreds of computers, mostly in Iran, Israel, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Ali Hakim Javadi, deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said it has successfully developed the antivirus to combat Flame.

Seeing the target of a Flame virus, allegedly this virus was made by Israel. Israel Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon did not admitted, but also not denied that allegation. "Israel is blessed with high technology, and we are proud of the technology that opens all the possibilities for us," Yaalon said in an interview with Israel Army Radio

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