Your Acne Cares at Night

If you have tried various skin cares but your acne still there, maybe there is something wrong with your habits. The skin regenerate at night, exactly while you sleep. Many things that can hinder the process of regeneration, it will cause problems for the skin, including making the acne worse. In order it does not happen, here are some things you need to do at night.

Tie your hair back
Your hair is the hair's natural oil carrier, especially if you moisten it with a variety of products. If you sleep with the hair hung down to the face, the skin more easily affected by oil from the hair and make acne worse. So make sure your hair does not cover the face with a loose tie to the back, or wrap it with a hair follicle.

Sleeping with a clean face
Although you do not wear make-up in daily life, but when going to bed clean your face is important. Face natural oils mixed with dust, dirt should be cleaned in order to keep the skin regeneration process can run well, and your acne is not getting worse.

Mint juice
Currently, you can find mint leaf in many supermarkets. The cold sensation, and contains anti-bacterial in it helps the skin to prevent acne. How to use it is to make the juice of mint leaves with a ratio of 1:2 (leaf: water). Clean your face then wet the cotton with mint juice and applies a thin layer on your face. Wait until dry before you sleep. Usage for one to two weeks will provide tangible results.

Enough sleep
High quality sleep with enough time it takes your skin to rest and regenerate. In addition, lack of sleep can cause stress that can trigger acne. Tired bodies also make the body's defenses down so that a bacterial infection in your skin is very possible. Therefore, not only cosmetic and cleaning process, enough sleep is also necessary for healthy skin and beautiful

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