The Presence of Android Jelly Bean to Fight Windows 8

Behind Google's effort to release the newest version of Android, which is version 5.0 or Jelly Bean (JB), there is a separate mission. One is to fight the superiority of Windows 8, which reportedly will be released this summer.

Android Jely Bean

This is reasonable considering Windows 8 comes with an attractive interface, called Metro. Moreover, the complementary fact that Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which Google tried to be made to the fragmentation of tablets and smartphones, considered a failure in the market.

As quoted from PocketLint, Sunday (02/19/2012). from one of supplier in Taiwan Google, Google is now seriously preparing Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in anticipation of the presence of Windows 8 in the third quarter of 2012.

Besides the fact that Android 5.0 will be fully optimized to tablet PC, a rumor has it that Google will integrate Chrome system in such a way that the user can perform dual-boot from Windows 8 device.

This means that the vendor will be able to choose whether to adopt the JB only or add JB to the Windows 8 device.

More importantly, users who choose a dual-boot will be able to change their operating system without shutting down their device.

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