Paprika Prevent Cancer

Paprika is used as a sweetener or flavor enhancer cuisine. Plants that this Latin name Capsicum annuum contains vitamin C, which is quite high. In addition, peppers also contain lycopene, a nutrient that can prevent cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitus. Paprika comes from South America, which is now widespread and can be cultivated in almost all regions of both the tropics and sub tropics. Red peppers contain most vitamin C and lycopene, in 100 grams of red pepper contains 190 mg of vitamin C, is higher than the orange that only 30-50 mg for the same weight.
Pepper cultivation in Indonesia has been developed with hydroponic media. Meat does not taste spicy peppers have because they do not have a substance that contains Capsicin spicy like chili. Green bell pepper, yellow, red or purple so that it will enhance every culinary dish using peppers as an ingredient. Behind the colorful beef peppers and even then there are many different kinds of peppers, especially the benefits resulting from the content of vitamin C (160 mg / 100 g pepper). Paprika benefits include:
- Increase the immunity, because the content of its high vitamin C- Prevent eye disease, because the peppers are also rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene
- Prevent skin and lung cancer because they contain betakarotin that provide more optimal protection against the emergence of cancer
- Able to treat injuries, grow new hair tissues, lower cholesterol, build up the regeneration of body cells, treating the throat and nose infections, lowering blood sugar levels, launching the digestive tract.

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