Teach Your Kids Eat Healthy Foods

Mealtimes are often a problem for mother and child. Understandably, children tend to prefer a less nutritious snacks or junk foods that trigger obesity in children.

healthy foods

As a parent you have influence and control a very large in this situation. For that, you need to be more careful in providing healthy food intake in children. Here are some ways you can do so that the kids want to eat healthy foods.

1. Give a good example. Parents should become an example for children, including in terms of eating. Children watch what you eat, even when you do not realize they're watching you. For example, when you're watching TV accompanied by a plate of fries and a bag of chips. This sends the wrong message to kids, that's what food should be enjoyed everyday. They will not know whether the food is nutritious enough or is there a bad influence. Instead, make healthy foods as your snacks, such as pieces of fresh fruit in the middle of the day and offer to the children.

2. Cook healthy food. You do not need to force your children to eat a variety of healthy foods with a reason to lose weight. To encourage healthy eating habits for your children, reduce your snack habits, and cook various dishes at home. Use your creativity to cultivate a variety of cuisines.
If you get children to eat food from their small home, they will not get used to eating snacks out of less promising nutritional intake.

3. Give reward. Give reward to children when they are willing to eat vegetables or fruit that you prepared for them. For instance, children love ice cream. Then you can set rules, they can enjoy the ice cream if they have spent a fruit that has been provided. In short, fruit and vegetables to snack in-chief, while others are a favorite snack is positioned as a bonus only.

4. Be firm and consistent. When it has set rules for eating healthy foods at home, be consistent with the rule. Do not give any leeway just because a child complains of being lazy or being tired. If the child does not spend his share of vegetables, give punishment by not giving his favorite dessert. Children are much easier to understand reward or direct punishment than just a greeting. Discuss these rules with your partner, so you can support each other.

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