Daniel Radcliffe Allergy In Harry Potter Glasses

Reporting from contactmusic.com, the richest young actor in England, Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he had give up with his role as Harry Potter even before filming process begins!

Daniel Radcliffe - Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe told that he has an allergy to the goggles that must be wear when playing phenomenon character Harry Potter began while filming the first movie.

British actor is getting a major role in the most successful film franchise, Harry Potter since he was 11 years old. And after going through his first week on the movie set in 2001, Radcliffe realizes that he is having skin problems.

Radcliffe told Digital Spy, "We are put off these glasses since realized that I have an allergy to the glasses after appearing a few spots around my eyes. It took about a week before I finally put on the other glasses."

Author of the Harry Potter novels, JK Rowling has admitted the incident; she did not decide to kick Radcliffe from the ranks of players. "Well, it's not luck, but we should not believe in the signs isn’t it?"

Because it is proven, from eight Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe's name has always been a top name of the boy wizard who has become global and historical heritage in contemporary popular culture.

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