Whether Lady Gaga Would Wear Lettuce Gown

After making excited with meat dress, she was wearing at the MTV Video Music Awards last year, about what to wear Lady Gaga next? She could have turned a vegetarian and wear a dress made of lettuce. True or not, we wait for a response from GAGA over PETA ideas.

lady gaga dresses

Arriving in New Delhi before her performance in Formula 1 racing, PETA immediately suggestion that Lady Gaga being a vegetarian during her visit in India. In addition, PETA also willing to prepare a pretty dress made of lettuce to respect local traditions.

"We'll make a dress made entirely of lettuce held together with needle and string. Her dress will be long and we will make sure this dress look sexy," said Sachin Bangera, of PETA India. Unfortunately, Lady GaGa does not seem to respond for PETA requests. When the press conference, Lady GaGa appear with a simple dress but at the same time she also promised would perform wearing a special costume.

"My costume will be a combination of my vision and the vision of Indian society. I had to make it more modern. There will be surprises and I can not wait for you at the concert later," says Lady GaGa as quoted from Contact Music. Want more about lady gaga hermaphrodite, lady gaga pictures,lady gaga songs,lady gaga album,lady gaga discography,lady gaga lyrics,lady gaga bad romance lyrics,lady gaga youtube? here

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