Kitchen Design for Your House

Among room inside the house and become important part in your family are kitchen. Maybe there are some people underestimate kitchen presences. In modern life, kitchen also has function as a room for all family members when they eat together. Including kitchen design is the way to make your house more comfortable.

kitchen design

For that, when build a new house today, many people include kitchen design as part of grand design of the house. Especially for them who like cooking. They will make this room very special compared with another room inside the house.

In addition to creating fun and beauty, kitchen also has other roles. Kitchen is the best place to keep and process the food before eating together with all family members. For that, when you make kitchen design, safety and healthy place become important one.

 Creating Beautiful Kitchen Design, Healthy, and Safe.

Below are some tips you can follow to make kitchen design for your house look beautiful.

For lighting, use day light lamp type to make clean and wide impression. For painting, choose simple color. When you design the kitchen, try to make the kitchen can bee seen from living room and dining room or you can combined this 3 room become one part for the best result.

As for safety and healthy when making a home kitchen design also needs to consider the following part such as:

Kitchen room should receive direct sunlight. The function is to kill bacteria that can cause health problems. Direct sunlight also can repel cockroaches or mice and other nuisance animals because they like being in a dark and humid place.

Another function of direct sunlight if there is discoloration or mold growth of the food known directly.

Air Ventilation.
Good kitchen design must have ventilation for air circulating inside the room. Because smoke and hot steam that appears, when you are cooking should immediately remove and replaced with fresh air. The purpose is to avoid the smell and a gas containing toxic.

When you build the kitchen, try to use heat-resisting material, for the best result you can use ceramic. Cheap price and easy to maintenance. Need to be avoid is using materials made from wood because it is flammable. Also make a wall without texture because the texture wall very difficult to clean, especially when exposed to oil and dust.

Kitchen Equipment.
Put dangerous kitchen equipment out of the reach of the children. Especially for stove, electronic and sharp equipment. Do not use equipment made from plastic because plastic containing dangerous substance that can poison the food.

Kitchen must always clean. For that, make your house kitchen design easy to cleaning from dirty thing. Dirty kitchen will become a nice place for virus and bacteria that can poison the food.

When you cleaning the kitchen, avoid excessive use of pesticides. Also, do not keep it inside the kitchen. If not carefully can get food and would be bad for your healthy. If must to use it, open your ventilation widely for fresh air circulating. Also, move the food and other materials to a safe place first.

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