Farm Animals Mutilation

In the mid-1970s, some ranchers in North America began reporting on the deaths of their farm animals mysteriously in mutilated condition. The case known as the Cattle mutilation then attracted the attention of the Government of the United States so the FBI was asked to intervene to investigate.

Cattle mutilation or mutilation of farm animals is a term given to the murder of farm animals in America and Europe with a mutilated condition in some parts of their body. However, the interesting thing is, the mutilation is done with incredible precision and seems to be done directly by a surgeon.

In addition to mutilations,others mysterious characteristic that is often seen in the farm animals carcasses is a dry blood and loss of organs inside the body mysteriously.

farm animals mutilation
According to records, similar cases of farm animals mutilations have actually occurred in England in the late 19th century. However, this case began to attract attention when it occurs in Colorado, United States, in 1967.

On September 7, 1967, Agnes King and her son Harry realize that their three years old horses named Snippy not return to the ranch as usual. The horse was missing for two days until found next on 9 September.

Snippy was found in deplorable conditions with loss of skin and flesh at the neck and head so that the white bones showing. Pieces of farm animals mutilations that looks so neat and clean. Strangely, no blood visible on the carcass of cattle or the land around it.

According to Harry, they could also smell strong drugs odor in that place.

The next day, Harry and Agnes returned to the discovery location of farm animals mutilation with his brother Mr.Berle Lewis and his wife. This time, they found a piece of skin and flesh of horses nearby. When Mrs.Lewis touch it, the farm animals meat were immediately issued a strange green liquid that causes burns to the hands Mrs.Lewis.

Apart from pieces of skin and flesh of farn animals, they also found signs of a puncture hole in the ground in a circle around the location of the discovery of carcasses Snippy which covers an area of 5000 square yards.

Mrs.Lewis then contacted the United States Forest Service and a ranger named Duane Martin was immediately sent to investigate farm animals mutilations. By using a measuring instrument Geiger, mr. Martin found an increase in radioactive activity at a distance of about two blocks from the site. However, he could not tell who the perpetrators of the farm animals mutilations.

Mutilation story about Snippy is then appointed by the Associated Press on October 5, 1967, making the farm animals mutilation phenomenon becoming known across America.

When this case started to happen in many farms in the United States,senator Floyd K. Haskell then contacted the FBI asking for help to investigate the phenomena of farm animals mutilations. So, the FBI had stepped in to investigate this case in 1979.

In the mid-1970s, farm animals mutilations have been reported in 15 states from Montana to South Dakota. And in 1979, an estimated number of farm animals that have reached thousands mutilated. This phenomenon is not stopped in the 1970s, but continued until now.

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