UK Toyota Exports Car to Japan

Japanese automotive company known for it's automobile production worldwide. However, due to the earthquake & tsunami that devastated Japanese, Toyota's production disrupted. As a result, car sales dropped dramatically. Toyota was force to import cars from the factory in England to meet the market in Japan.

As report by The Sun, Saturday (25 / 6), Toyota Avensis which was made at Burnaston factory, England, will be exported to Japan. The announcement was certainly a big boost to UK automotive industry progress.

toyota UK

"We are very proud Avensis has been selected for export to Japan. This is an award because the product made by Toyota in Burnaston is believed to have high quality," said the Director of Toyota in the UK Katsunori Kojima. Two of Toyota's factory in England has just come back full production after a shortage of supply from Japan by an earthquake some time ago.

This measure shows the trend of Japanese automobile companies are opening factories in Europe, re-export the vehicle to the country itself. So far, UK Toyota is exporting 85 per cent car engines to 47 countries

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