Tragic Feather Hair Extensions Shortage

The Feather Hair Extension Trend Faces a Tragic Feather Shortage

Surely you’ve heard of hair feathering extensions by now. No, it’s not what the original Charlie’s Angels did in the ’70s. It’s the act of incorporating feathers into your hairstyle, sort of like Pocahontas, but much hipper. We have been warily watching this trend for a while now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed, it’s reached ridiculous proportions.

Women are now storming fly fishing shops to get their hands on “hackles,” long rooster feathers that supposedly make the best extensions. Well, they also make the best fly fishing lures and fishermen are pissed off that they can’t get them anymore.


“For real?” you’re asking. Yes. One of Glamour‘s Girls in the Beauty Department asked her fly fishing husband if this could possibly be true; he confirmed that feathers that used to sell for $20 are now $300.

We asked our favorite hair guru, Chris Lospalluto from the Sally Hershberger Salon, to shed some light. He confirmed that most major sites that sell the hair feathers are sold out or you have to be “industry,” although you can scour Etsy and craft stores and still find them. And as far as the longevity of the trend? He’s already scheduled to do a “bunch” for Fashion’s Night Out. WHICH IS IN SEPTEMBER. So, if you’re entrepreneurial, you’ll start snapping up all the hair feathers extensions you can find and sell them at a premium on eBay.

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