Botox - Not Recommended For Teenagers

Having Botox too early could make you old before your time

People bearing in mind Botox being warned that having the injections before time in life could lead to premature ageing.

Cosmetic specialist Darren McKeown told the Telegraph that young people and young women undergoing the treatment to stave off wrinkles in later life was "a sacrifice too far."

botox teenagers

He added, "Starting Botox treatments at an early age ultimately could do more harm to your looks than good. The face is an ever-evolving structure that changes over a lifetime. Botox aims to halt the decline, but long-term overuse of the drug can lead to atrophy of the muscles."

The average age of people undergoing Botox treatment has reduced since it first became well liked in the 1990s. Some treatments completed on small girls taking part in junior beauty pageants.

Mr. McKeown said that it was also becoming a status symbol for young people.

Aesthetic Medicine News reported that patients aged between 19 and 34 accounted for 14 per cent of all Botox treatments in America previous year.

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