Sony Loss Prediction due to Earthquake and Security Breach

After PSN service back to normal, Sony has released an initial estimate predicted changes in their loss. Instead of losses amounting to $ 857 million at the beginning of February, Sony now predicting a loss of $ 3.1 billion in the fiscal year ended  March 13 2011.

Security breach that impact PSN cannot access by their customers for almost a month from April to May is the main cause of these changes. However, Sony also predicts a loss of ¥ 17 billion or more than $ 208 million, operating income loss due to disasters in Japan recently, a target number that expected to reach ¥ 150 billion or nearly $ 2 billion at the end of FY 2012.

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Sony explained via presentation slides, "Based on information currently available to Sony, our currently known costs associated with the unauthorized network access are estimated to be approximately ¥ 14 billion the fiscal year ending March 13, 2012,” That's more than $ 171 million which sony prepared to "personal information theft protection program" and "welcome back programs", including customer support, additional security and legal costs as well as in calculations.

The loss estimated even higher, if there is misuse of credit card or identity theft as the direct impact of Sony PSN attacks. At least for the time being there are no such indications that the worry.
The company said, so far we have not received confirmation report about the problem of identity theft, credit card abuse also as result of cyber attacks

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