Unique feather hair extensions

If you want to take part in one of the hottest styles to run into hair mode in the last several yrs, then you need not look any further. These unique feather hair extensions can assist add exciting colors, texture and highlights to your hair.

Donna Bella Hair is excited to announce our new line of feather hair extensions. Each of our feather hair products made from real feathers of farm-raised roosters that are meticulously hand-selected and classified. These feathers easy attach to your hair using micro beads.

feather hair extensions

These high quality feather hair extensions last for up to four months! Moreover, do not worry, you can still launder, blow-dry, brush, straighten and curl your hair.

Installing feather extensions is quick and easy. Simply pull a few strands of hair along with the feather extension through a micro-link bead. Crimp the bead with the bead tool and you are done. Pretty simple, huh?.

Each package of feather hair extensions handpicked and comes with four unique feather extensions.

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