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H&R Block TaxCut Software Editions
TaxCut's free online solution to preparing your simple federal tax return for FREE. I can tell you that this program is a great way for anyone with simple tax return needs to save money on their filing process, which means your saving money on your taxes from the moment you start.

TaxCut Free Federal Edition + E-file is best for people with very simple tax filing needs. A simple return excludes self-employment income (Schedule C), rental and royalty income (Schedule E), farm income (Schedule F) and shareholder/partnership income or loss (Schedule K-1). If you have any of the needs stated above, you will need a more advance tax program.

If you would like to import your prior year personal and tax data, stepping up to TaxCut Basic + E-file would be best for you. If you're looking for more advanced tax help and guidance with a home mortgage, rental property, Schedule C, home office, business expenses or asset depreciation, then TaxCut Premium + E-file would be the best choice for your tax situation.

With HR Block TaxCut Free Edition you get:
  • Most Current Program Upgrades
  • Quick & easy tax return completion
  • Automatic error check
  • Accurate Calculations Guarantee

Additional options can be added for a fee, they include:
  • Extra guidance and advice for life-changing events
  • Worry-free Audit Support®
  • Ask a Tax Advisor Advice Session
  • Add a state program for your local tax filing

With TaxCut Free Edition, an easy interview process helps you complete your return quickly and easily walking you through your return preparation process step by step.

You also get automatic double-checking of your return for errors to ensure accuracy before you efile your return to the IRS. This can save you from lots of aggravation later on.

Another great feature with H&R Block TaxCut Free Edition is the easy access you get to IRS publications so you can stay informed on the tax issues you need to know about.

Plus, along with your Free Edition you also get a Free Federal e-file included to file your return with the IRS when your done.

The Free Edition Restrictions Include:
  1. You can't import data from TaxCut online or software, H&R Block office or TurboTax® software. Importing your tax information from a previous year's return can only be done through a paid version like Basic + E-file and Premium + E-file.
  2. The Free Edition is a online program only. With TaxCut online you work directly over the Internet to prepare your tax return. TaxCut online uses secure socket layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all sensitive information you enter into the program so all your data is always safe and secure. With TaxCut software (not available with the free edition) you install the software on your computer and save your information to your hard drive.

For the consumer with simple tax return needs, the free edition is the perfect solution for your tax return preparation.

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