Bronx Zoo Cobra Finally Found

A cobra's Bronx Zoo in New York who lost last week finally found. Once the appalling news of the loss of Cobra, to the extent of the Egyptian cobra had a chance to become stars on Twitter for some time.

Cobra residents Reptile House at the Bronx Zoo was found after searching for six days, zoo officials said on Thursday (31 / 3).

"Found! Cobra Bronx Zoo found alive and healthy in the Reptile House in areas that are not public. The key is patience," the contents of a written message on Twitter zoo in the United States.

They showed a picture snake teenagers who are resting comfortably in one place is closed. "The snake was found this morning in an area that is not a public place. After escaping from the Reptile House for one week, the snake will be announced under the supervision and assessment," the zoo said.

"When we feel certain that the snake was in good condition, we began to reopen the Reptile House and plans to show these reptiles," he said.

"Conceivably, we are very pleased to report the snake had been found alive and healthy," said zoo director Fri Breheny.

Reptile house at the Bronx zoo was closed after female cobra with long as 50 cm had disappeared from his cage on Friday (25 / 3).

Meanwhile, one of the venomous snakes Twitter account states that attracts more than 200,000 followers. Wow!

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