Space Pen | Durable Anti-Gravity Pen

Space Pen (also known as the Zero Gravity Pen), marketed by Fisher Space Pen Company, is a pen that uses pressurized ink cartridge and claimed to write in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on wet and greasy paper, at every corner, and in extreme temperature ranges

The Fisher Space Pen was created by American businessman and a pen manufacturer Paul C. Fisher and manufactured in Boulder City, Nevada, United States. Paul C. AG7 Fisher patented the first "anti-gravity 'pen in 1965.

There are two models of the pen: AG7 "Astronaut Pen", a long and thin retractable pen shaped like a regular ballpoint pen, and pen "Bullet" non-retractable, shorter than the standard ballpoints when it closed, but fullsize when the lid is posted on the back to write.

Several models of Fisher Space Pen (One of them is the "Millennium") which claimed to write for a lifetime or along the 30.7 miles (about 48.15 kilometers).

Space Pen refill standards can also be used in all ballpoint pens such as Parker Pen, using a small plastic adapter that comes with each refill. Fisher also makes the Space Pen refill the appropriate pen-type Cross, one of which fits the style of 1950-PaperMate pen (or pens that use rechargeable type), and "universal" refill in accordance with several other ballpoint pen.

Made of tungsten carbide and precisely fitted to prevent leakage. A sliding float separates the ink from the pressurized gas. Thixotropic ink in airtight and pressurized reservoir is claimed to write for three times longer than standard pens. The pen can write at a height of up to 12,500 feet (3810 m). ink is forced out by compressed air at a pressure of nearly 35 pounds per square inch (240 kPa). Operating temperature ranges from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (-35 to 120 degrees Celsius). The pen has an estimated 100 year shelf life. More Information about Space Pen click here

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