Earth Hour | Turn Off Your Light for an Hour

Thousands citizens of the world will turn off the lights for an hour tonight, Saturday, March 26, 2011, in action called Earth Hour. This action aims to provide understanding and awareness of environmental and energy-saving love.

Reporting from the pages of The Age, thousands people from 132 countries and regions, ranging from the Pacific, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and America will turn off the lights tonight.

Some monuments of the world, such as the Eiffel Tower in France, Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, Empire State Building in the United States, until the National Monument will turn off all flow of electricity for one hour.

Australia's Earth Hour project manager, Mary Ryan, said that this time Earth Hour will be followed by more people than previous years. He said that various natural disasters have created public awareness for the love of the environment becomes greater.

"There is a grass roots movement in Earth Hour this year caused by various disasters, they say 'we really do care about the planet, we want to do something," Ryan said.

He also said that the disaster to make people become aware of how fragile the planet today.

"By participating in Earth Hour, citizens around the world as if to say 'yes we care about the environment and we want change', this is a message to governments and businesses around the world," he said.

First started and campaigned by the WWF in 2007, Earth Hour every year attracting more people to care. Because of this action, tens of megawatts of electricity successfully saved. Consequently, less carbon dioxide released into the air. It is considered very good for the survival of our earth.

The first country that will turn off the lights tonight is Fiji, and Chatham Island, New Zealand, followed by various other countries from east to west.

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