Detecting fire with smoke detector

The modern world begin with industrial development in all fields. This development has had an impact, either positive or negative impact. Besides positive impacts, such as advances in various fields, effective use of time and efficient, modern equipment, there are also negative impacts that are often ignored by most people is about safety. Safety problem is very important to increase labor productivity.

Many incidents involving safety, which one is fire. Fire is a result of the fire incident that work is not in place, which occurred between fire, fuel, and oxygen. Chemical reactions that release heat which is a threat to human life. Such threats include:

  1. Habitat or human environment.
  2. The environment of flora and fauna.
  3. Fire is an event that can be caused by several factors, among others:
  • Human factors such as negligence, lack of discipline, and forms of crime.
  • Factors such as technology implemented due to lack of guidelines, standards and technology product usage is usually due to the nature of the human individual.
  • Natural factors such as side effects of natural disasters, like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions volcanoes, electric stepping nature, and hot air compression.

The occurrence of fires which claimed many lives, property and loss of place of business or employment is an adverse event. In efforts to reduce the number of victims of the elements related installations in fire prevention should be able to move all the potential that exists to provide relief and rescue operations fast and accurately to the event. To succeed in his efforts efficient, it is necessary to established organizational and management skills of personnel and adequate facilities and infrastructure.

In view of these things in addition to Light Fire extinguishers (fire extinguisher) that can be taken, such as installation of fire extinguishers Detector Alarm System is absolutely necessary for a first warning sign of fire. In addition to equipment, support personnel are trained and skilled to support security means adequate to achieve prevention and control are accurate and supported by the organization in a good management system.

1. Fire Alarm

In this practice using this type BUSH FIRE ALARM BUTTON BREAKABLE BY FINGER. The way it works is if the will to operate it must first resolve the safety glass and then pressed the button to automatically send signals to the control panel. Then the bell / alarm on the location of placement will sound. The tool is mounted on the walls of the room.

2. Alarm Bell

Type of Alarm Bell practiced is ALARM BELL HC HC 24V DC - 624 DC - Isma MOTOR BELL 24V. The way it works is if there is a fire, then the control panel will send a signal to the alarm bell. So that the alarm bell to ring.

3. Fixed Temperature Heat Detector Type

It works by changing the room temperature and the temperature rise reaches a certain temperature, so that the detector element will send a signal to the control panel and sounds an alarm.

4. Type Heat Detector Rate of Rise

Mechanism of action is protected if the room temperature rate of rise detector rise temperatures of 100C per minute, it will get a mechanical energy used to move the device connector used on the alarm system. Signals are sent to the control panel, so the alarm can be sounded.

5. Smoke Detector

The way it works is to utilize the smoke released by a fire incident. The tool to respond to smoke and then the signal is transmitted to the control panel. On the control panel signals are transmitted to the alarm bell, so that the alarm sounds.

6. Control Panel

The way it works is if the detector detects a fire or sprinklers, Automatic Fire Extinguisher, and hydrant work then that signal will be sent to the control panel as the input data (input data). Then the control panel will process, selecting, and evaluating the data and the results are output data (output data) that contains information about the location of fire shown on announciator and automatically activates or rang the bell / alarm.

How it Works

1. If there is a fire, the appliance responds by Type Fixed Temperature Heat Detector, Heat Type Rate Of Rise Detector and Smoke Detector.

2. Then from the Type Fixed Temperature Heat Detector, Heat Detector Rate Type Of Smoke Detector Rise and channeled to the control panel.

3. Then from the control panel of the response forwarded to the Fire Alarm, Fire Alarm Bell and Lamp Detector to provide the first warning of a fire.

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