Botox | Anti Aging Solution

Botox (Botulinum Toxin), a toxin (poison) produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.

Botulinum toxin bacteria known to cause mass food poisoning that causes muscle paralysis of the stomach. But Botox is used for dose therapy only 1% of the dose that can cause symptoms of poisoning.

At this time there are several Botulinum Toxin used for rejuvenation. The very first (original), has the scientific research the most numerous and most popular is the A-type BOTOX, Allergan made ​​the United States. There is also the imitation products made ​​in England and some brands made ​​in China.

Botox useful for rejuvenating face quickly with the easy way (instant rejuvenation). At the time our faces express, for example, laugh lines will appear next to the eye. These lines (referred to as crow's feet) increases as you age. By injecting a little Botox on the side of the eyes, wrinkles will disappear, also the time we laugh.

Botox should be injected by experienced doctor. Periodically, Botox held a "BOTOX CONFERENCE Experts" is a serious brainstorming event for choosen specialist doctors who use "botox" of each country. this very prestigious conference and participants are selected through rigorous selection, not on his own desire

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