Botox - The Most Toxic Substance Known to Mankind

Botox is becoming increasingly popular among women, especially those who working in the entertainment world. Since its consumer allowed in 2002, Botox became the only option to overcome aging.

Procedures of botox use should be appropriate by doctor's instructions, and should only perform by a specialist. Now you have to do to use this drug is to follow the 1-day full course cost of £ 120.

The latest news came from "Botox Mom" Kerry Campbell who injects his own daughter with this dangerous drug has surprised the nation and ended with the abolition of the right to care for her daughter.

Currently conducting its own injection has become common, many people buy these dangerous drugs from other countries via the internet and as a guide to train themselves, they use the video "how to" that available on the internet.

As said Dr Aamer Khan from London Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic to that Botulinum-A Toxin (Botox) is "the most toxic substance known to mankind" and warned that it is very deadly, one teaspoon can kill 90 billion people, therefore Botox regarded as a biological weapon

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