Application and Benefits of Barcode Scanner in the Pharmacy Field

Barcode scanner plays an important thing for automatic identification in world trade in order to improve efficiency. In addition, barcode can be used for patient safety, food safety etc. Barcode is a media reader conveys data via equipment (scanner) and is a quick, easy and accurate to enter and retrieve data automatically. Barcode contains a reference number which will link the relevant data into computer databases.

The use of barcodes on drugs and medical equipment is a very important step to improve patient safety and also makes it possible to trace these medicinal products from before, during and after the treatment process.

Patient safety becomes a primary consideration in the field of health today. In 2000 The Institute of Medicine (IOM) reported that many drug errors happen throughout the world. Automatic identification using barcode technology is one tool that is recognized to reduce such errors.

In addition, Barcode also intended to increase efficiency and accuracy of data entry into the system automatically. Retrieving data via a barcode scanner connected to a computer data base, allows the officer in charge to make sure whether the drug used is appropriate for patients who are concerned at the appropriate time and dosage. Barcode scanner potential to not only reduce costs but also to improve patient safety

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