Instagram services down after eastern U.S storms

Photo editing and sharing application Instagram, down since some time ago, Saturday (30/06/2012). Both applications Instagram for IOS and Android, they can not display the images and upload photos on the timeline.

Instagram services down after eastern U.S storms

As quoted from VentureBeat, the cause of the Instagram collapse due to power outages at the location where the data center servers Instagram put it. Power outages caused by storms that hit the Northern Virginia, USA.

Currently no official information and details from Instagram about their service interruption. On the Twitter account @ InstagramHelp, simply stated "We're currently experiencing technical Difficulties and we're working to correct the issues. Thanks for your patience".

The most popular editing and Photo sharing application recently added a feature like and comment on its website on Thursday (6/28/2012). So that users can leave comments and give like in the Instagram website version for the photos they like. Not only that, Instagram also update the look of their website, the new color scheme and size of the displayed image is also greater.

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