Fabian Cancellara Win Tour De France Opening Race

Fabian Cancellara emerged as one of the RadioShack team mainstays who were trying to get up, by winning yellow jersey the Tour de France (TDF) after winning the prologue (the opening race) event on Saturday (30/6) local time.

Fabian Cancellara Win Tour de France Prologue
(AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

For Cancellara, this is 22 victories for him, and to-8, especially in the race. These results as well as providing hope for a bicycle rider who is a regular contender in the arena.

"With the results that I lead after the accident, as well as a difficult few months, I think there is no better start than a victory on opening day," said Cancellara who in April had an accident in the Tour of Flanders.

"It feels incredible. I feel happy, and most importantly, enormous pressure has been relieved," he continued.

With this result, Cancellara will wear the yellow jersey when starting the first stage of TDF as far as 198 km from Liège to Seraing, on Sunday (1/7) local time. He certainly hopes to maintain it, although this will be a stage finish as far as 2.4 km climb that looked more suitable for other riders.

Underwent early (TDF) is the same in 2004 when he beat Lance Armstrong in the prologue by a margin of less than 2 seconds, for Cancellara, what more could make he happy is if the RadioShack team back on positive track.

"When you are aged 23 years, and came to the Tour (de France) and then had to beat Lance, it was cool. And 8 years later, if it can demonstrate that you are (still) be able to compete, it will feel very pleasant," said Cancellara.

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