Rupert Murdoch Resigned from News Inrenational

News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch resigned from his position as director of a number of newspapers in the UK. The resignation was made ​​after the case of wiretapping scandal that media do under the News International was revealed.

Reuters on Saturday (7/22/2012) reported, Murdoch was stepping down as director at The Sun, Times and Sunday Times. All three are based in the British media who were allegedly involved in the scandal.

"I wanted to let you know that Rupert Murdoch has resigned as director of several companies, including the NI Group Limited, or known by News International, and Times Newspapers Holdings Limited," said Tom Mockridge, responsible for the Murdoch media in the UK.

This resignation following a change in corporate News Corp structure. Looking ahead, the group will be divided into two smaller divisions in the field of printing and enlarging the field of entertainment and television.

"As you know, Rupert backed away from a number of councils in the UK, including News Group Newspapers and Times Newspapers Limited, a while ago. He also has backed away from a number of companies in the U.S., Australia and India," he continued.

This step is considered as the first step of Murdoch plans to leave the business that made ​​his name. However, this speculation has not been fully justified by Mockridge.

"He will remain committed to our business as a leader who will become the largest digital and print media in the world," said Mockridge.

Speculation about Murdoch's setback in the British media had been prolonged. Especially when the phone tapping case was revealed to destroy the reputation of News International.

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