Google Nexus Tablet Available in July 2012

Google reportedly plans to make the Nexus tablet . The latest rumor says that Mini iPad tablet competitors already in the production stage . 

Based on information from DigiTimes, this tablet became available in the market in July 2012. The media mentions about 600,000 units of Google Nexus tablet begin shipping since June 2012. According to the latest rumors, Asus will be producing these devices. 

The plan, this tablet will be made with 7-inch wide screen. Slightly smaller than the iPad Mini screen size 7.85 inch. NPD  DisplaySearch analysts, Richard Sim, estimates the tablet  will be produced about 2 million units. Initially, these products will be produced starting in April, yet turns back to June 2012. 

Until now, Google not willing to explain the specifications of the product. But according to the original rumor, Nexus will be using Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich and use quad-core processors. 

Besides going to compete directly with Apple iPad, a new  Google Nexus tablet will also compete with vendors who had previously produced a 7-inch tablet. Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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