US Navy F-18 Crashe Into Apartment in Virginia Beach

A F-18 fighter owned by the U.S. Navy fell on an apartment in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

As reported by the BBC, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy Mark Weisgerber said the two crew are released safely and has received medical treatment. Both the student and instructor. A firefighter also received treatment for this tragedy.

U.S NAVY F-18 Fighter Crash
image: nationalpost

Meanwhile, seven victims were treated at local hospitals. No fatalities have been reported in this accident.

The cause of the accident until now unknown. Local officials said about 40 apartments were damaged by the accident.

A local resident Robbie Miller said, heard a loud explosion while he was in the kitchen. "I walked out and thick smoke billowing everywhere. You could see the flames from my apartment," he said.

An eyewitness said the other, that before the accident happened, they saw the plane clear the fuel from the tank. Authorities later confirmed, finding fuel in the building and on fighter jet.

However, the Navy spokesman, Mark Weisgerber said, that the fuel exhaust is one indication that there is mechanical damage.

Virginia Beach is a resort town located on the southern Atlantic coastline of the state of Virginia. The city is home to 438 000 people and there are several military bases.

"Living under the flight path, you do not realize that it actually can be very dangerous. This jet flew low over our heads all the time they do the training," said Robbie Miller

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