Tips for Travelling Alone

Travelling alone can be the most enjoyable and valuable experience of life. Travelling alone might be very boring because there is no friend you know whom to share. Imagine, you are in a new environment and you do not know anyone to talk to. Different if the place you've ever visited before. For that there are some things you need to do when traveling alone.

travelling alone
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It is always worth having a good book or two on you, as this will make-Those long periods of time alone on the bus or at the airport Easier to deal with when traveling solo. Having a book also makes just hanging out on your own feel more natural and relaxing - no one will think it strange That you're on your own reading a book.

Bring MP3 Player
Having some tunes is an absolute blessing when you are traveling alone, as this is one time That you will not have to worry about offending anyone by putting on your headphones and zoning out. With small portable music players like iPods or other mp3 players it is easy to take your entire music collection with you, and you'll love having your favorite songs with you Providing the tunes for your trip.

Meet People
When you are traveling alone, meeting people can be easy or hard depending on where you are and the type of place you are staying. Do not be shy, and make a point of at least saying hi to people you see around, ESPECIALLY at your accommodation. The locals, in particular, are Likely to be interested in talking to you simply Because you are from somewhere else.

A good way to enjoy time alone when traveling is by writing down your adventures in some form or other. Whether you document your trip in comic-strip format, or just Jot down a few lines each night before bed, writing can be a fantastic way to add some structure to your travels, as well as Helping you to process what goes on throughout your trip . Years later, your writing from the trip will the make for a marvelous keepsake.

Playing Games
Bring along a travel-sized version of your favorite games, and preferably one That can be played alone or with multiple players, as you may meet someone you can have a game with. Some hostels and short-term accommodation will be Able to Provide games, but do not count on this - Generally you will only have what you bring with you.

Take Lots of Photos with your digital camera
If you do not already have one, buy or borrow a camera for your trip and get into picture taking. Photography is a little bit addictive once you get into it, and it is an entertaining way to spend time alone. Taking pictures will also help to make you feel less awkward if you are still getting used to being on your own.

Keep In Touch
Start a travel blog so That you have a fun way to update friends and family on your adventures. This will save you sending individual emails to everyone, and you will have fun posting pictures of the places you go, from the cheap hotel you stay in to the local wildlife. You can also add music you come across, and tell your travel stories, as you work your way through your trip.


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