The relationship between cancer diagnosis and noncancer death

According to a new study, newly diagnosed cancer patients have an increased of death from heart attack, stroke and risk of suicide.

The risk is present even before treatment begins and the risk was greatest among people with the most deadly cancer, said research that publish in The New England Journal of Medicine this week.

Unnur Valdimarsdottir, PHD, researcher of the University of Iceland in Reykjavik also confrm that this findings more support that a cancer diagnosis may have an immediate affect on physical and emotional health that could result in death.
In another chance Valdimarsdottir said, “Just as war and natural disasters have been linked to deadly cardiovascular events and suicide, a diagnosis of cancer is major life stressor”. As quoted from WebMD.

The relationship between cancer diagnosis and noncancer death.

6 Million adul residents of Sweden begin with age 30 or older who were enrolled in a nationwide health registry and the study included data from 1991 t0 2006.

Result from the data shows that about 534 thousand people in the registry diagnosed with cancer and from that number about 26,3 thousand people were diagnosed with cancers considered to be highly fatal such as esophagus, pancreas, and liver.

After a week of diagnosis, people with cancer were twelve times more likely to commit suicide and after a year the number decrease to 3 times they more likely to commit suicide.

In the first week after people diagnosed with cancer, cancer patients had a fivefold increase in deaths due to heart attack, stroke, or blood clots. Cancer patients had a threefold increase in risk after first month following their diagnosis, compare to people witout cancer.

They tend to had sixteen-fold greater suiciderisk within a week of diagnosis for people who live with most deadly cancers and fiveteen-fold greater risk of having fata heart attack or stroke.

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