Red, Sexiest Color in the Men Eyes

Thousands of stars in the sky, only one that I admire
Thousands of beautiful colors, only red the most sexies
Yes, that would always expressed from a variety of scientific research. In this case, we're not just talking about men and  how sexy women red lingerie, but we also will review it further.

Red Dress Sexy Color

In a recent study, University of Rochester found that for women, men with red T-shirt looks far more attractive than the men in blue T-shirt. In addition, a researcher, Andrew Elliot, said: "Red color is often described as a sexy color for women only", he continued, "and here, we want to show that the relationship between red and sexy also occur in men."

Red color has an incredible psychological strength for men and women. Do not believe? Let us explore the psychological forces that hide behind this red color. As we know, red is identical to the color of fire. This illustrates that the red symbolizes the aggressive nature and danger. In addition, red is very striking, so the color is the most easily recognizable from far away.

This fact indicates that red color is a symbol of openness and confidence. Not only that, the point is no less important than the red color can be seen from the world of fashion. Just imagine if we combine red with tight clothes, what happened? The dress will look sexy is not it? Well, in this case the red color able to stimulate our sex drive of sexiness caused.

According uk.specials, a personality expert and author of THE CODE-WHAT YOU DO EVERYTHING YOU ABOUT YOU Says, Judi James, agrees and adds, "The color red is a symbol of love because it is identical with the color red hearts. In addition, red colors also able to bring our thinking leads to the sexual organs. However, experts disagree about this because it shows that the assumption of the sexiest color is dark pink, not red! it is proved that it is true if the factors that indicate that sexy red factor is the attitude of the spirit / openness / warmth, rather than determining the behavior / sexual thoughts. "

Do not stop here, a fashion expert in in MY-TV, Antonia O'Brien also confirmed this and said, "The red color is often associated with sex drive because of the aura colors are strong, so it was able to bring up the sexual desire mood. In addition, when a woman wearing red, they look confident and sexy. Therefore, natural red color is always associated with their sex drive. "

Although however, this belief grew stronger as time passes. According to scientists engaged in research on the red "mammals (including humans) have the ability to detect changes in blood flow to the face". Let's take an example, intimate things that happened when you were dating at the time of your girlfriends show sex like an aura African mammals (baboon) is excited so that her face flushed.

So basically, do not try to dodge the red color is a natural way to tease or excite someone. Still do not believe it? Try it!

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