Foods That Make Your Body Sweet Smelling

Excessive sweating and body odor becomes a problem for women. Looks okay with branded goods were immediately lost its charm when a woman has body odor problems. Perfume is usually only a disguise or even worsen the smell that arises because it has been mixed with sweat. While anti-perspirant often do not work when it is excessive sweating.

Talk about body odor, you certainly know some foods that can cause body odor, which foods are generally smelling like a banana, jengkol and goat meat. But if the smell of food can be radiated in body odor, the fragrance can also be transmitted through food are also appropriate. Here is a food that can make your body smellf ragrant.

Fragrance is no doubt, and enhance one's appetite when eaten with fresh vegetables or coconut milk. Your body will smell fragrant when eating this basil. Butf or people with low blood pressure, should not eat too much basil.

Pala Candied
Spices smell fragrant, always refreshing, and the pala fruit is very delicious eatena s a sweetmeat. Among other benefits, pala scent of meat will fight body odor problem in your body that makes you more confident.

Guava rose
As the name implies, the plant is also often called the pink palace has a scent of roses in the flesh. In addition scent to the mouth while chewing guava rose, fragrant aroma will also radiated from your body. The sweet taste of fresh fruit makes you not hesitate to eat it.

During the afternoon to eat fruit with cinnamon stup a concentrated taste delicious.The distinctive aroma of cinnamon is also beneficial to overcome ypur sweat odor, like candied pala. With regular consumption, the scent of cinnamon will also be radiated from the body

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