The Danger of Physical Punishment for Children

Every parent has their own way to educate their children, especially educating children to be disciplined. Implementation of discipline in children can be done in various ways, some parents prefer physical punishment if found their children not discipline or break the rules / norms that apply in the home. But be careful, using physical punishment will not solve the problem, and even damage the child's future.

The Danger of Physical Punishment for Children

A study written in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says that the research has been done for 20 years to watch the parents in shaping the discipline of children. Findings of the medical and child's psychological consequences of physical punishment is often ignored by their parents under the pretext have the right to establish child discipline.

Joan Durant, head of the researcher and his colleague Ron Ensom of Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, said that physical punishment will make the children become aggressive and anti-social, but it also causes cognitive impairment and poor growth. Recent research also shows that physical punishment would reduce the gray matter of the brain, which is related to intelligence or IQ.

"Physical punishment in children not only will lead to aggressive behavior in children, it can also make the child has a lot of trouble, such as depression and drug use," said Durant. "There are no studies showing long-term positive outcomes of physical punishment," he added.

Physical punishment is not applied in 32 countries, but there are still many parents who defend this punishment. Joan Durant expectations of this study, the parents do not only see physical punishment as they are, but look at the adverse effects from a medical perspective that will be suffered by children in a very long time.

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