8 Most Fun Jobs In The world

People with jobs below certainly glad when Monday came. They have the most fun job in the world.

Paid to sleep.
Qunar, a China travel sites, employing three people to test the comfort of sleep, Wi-Fi signal strength, soft slippers, and room service at leading hotels across the country. Meanwhile, Travelodge hiring a bed expert to sleep in hotel rooms nationwide network and test the quality of each mattress. In 2006, he was earning big money. In general, his income about U.S. $ 1,500 per month.

Chocolate Testers.
At Godiva, chocolate testers as well trained as wine testers. He is required to assess the sparkle and crack and sniffed the scent of chocolate. In total, he had enjoyed up to 50 chocolate per day. Chocolate testers can generate USD 24 000 to U.S. $ 70,000, depending on the company. It may sound easy, but this is the work that hard to come by. The Godiva testers learning on "chocolate school" to get the job, and some companies even require "super-testers", people who born with ability to taste amazingly.

Funny Animals collector.
For most of us, playing with cats usually do in your spare time. But if you work as editor of the Cute Overload site or casting agent at True Entertainment, the company behind the show "Too Cute" Animal Planet, you should look for footage and photos from cat’s behavior and adorable dogs to earn money. The average salary for novice staff in these sites can range from U.S. $ 10 per hour or 40,000 U.S. dollars per year, depending on location, company, and responsibility.

House Guard.
It is possible to live like a millionaire with $ 10,000 U.S. a year. A husband and wife spent the winter in Pyranees and summer in Antibes, clean the leaves from their pool, take a walk with the dogs, and prevent the robbers to rob a house. Experienced house Guard may charge 200 U.S. dollars per week to keep millionaire house. For beginners, there Luxuryhousesitting.com, a site that links the travelers who are looking for a job-keeping house, with the owners of great houses in Florida, Malta, and Virgin Islands.

Television viewers.
It only needs the ability to type fast to be a "television viewers" in charge of transcribing the dialogue on TV for deaf while you watch with him. There is also a job as a production assistant for the show clips such as "Talk Soup", which is in charge of watching a different channel on the TV and look for the right segment to be given to the producer. His salary several hundred dollars per week. In Nielson, there is a team of media researchers should continue to watch TV for 8 hours per day to watch all the ads across the network, for a fee of U.S. $ 10 per hour.

Mr. Rumble Know.
There is a program, Youtube sites partner, who produces and sells videos of "how-to". They said one thing that people want to know but were too embarrassed to ask. Questions like "how to make a paper airplane," "how to whistle", how to iron clothes ", and so on, in a video tutorial. Video maker can produce up to 100,000 American dollars." I'm happy paid for doing nothing, "said a man known by the video "how to wear a tie".

Spa Critic.
If you are a critical, why not use it to get a free massage? Susie Ellis, CEO of Spafinder, getting thousands of dollars in her career for 20 years. She traveled the world as a journalist, testing the back massage and aromatherapy ritual for her spa directory online. Freelance writer and editor for a magazine site spa and massage services can enjoy all these with ease and get roughly 20,000 U.S. dollars and 90,000 U.S. dollars per year.

Resort Consultant.
A house wife and bloggers have been hired and paid by a luxury resort to spend four days at their resort as VIP guests and asked for her opinion on how to improve services to family fun. In addition to a free vacation, she gets $ 1,200 U.S.. Fun job, but unfortunately very difficult to get.

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