The Voice Final Battle Rounds

Welcome to The Voice. It's the Final Battle Rounds. Six final battle that will open the door for six more artists into the Live Shows. In this episode, two artists who did not get a pass to show the full auditions Live Shows, plus two moments that made Green cry CeeLo.

CD: CreativeDisc
AL: Adam Levine
BS: Blake Shelton
CG: CeeLo Green
CA: Christina Aguilera

# TeamCeeLo: James Massone vs Wade
They have similarities in the realm of R & B and soul, the emotional CeeLo pick songs, 'True Colors'. Wade felt confident with this song, otherwise perceived by James. Ne-Yo throw the words of encouragement to drive away nervousness James, and Babyface approved of the way Wade brought this song with feeling. Blend them attractive and harmonious vocals and touching, and even shed tears CeeLo.
CD: James, he sang it so smoothly.
AL: James, someone's voice grabs your attention more.
BS: James, you both did beautifully.
CA: James, your character.
Winner: James Massone, I was so impressed with you.

# TeamAdam: Nicolle Galyon vs Mathai
Adam combines two very different types of sound for the song 'Love Song' from Sara Bareilles. initial plan is to provide an opportunity for Nicolle to play the piano in this performance. Mathai while still maintaining her confidence. But during rehearsals, Adam was the scenario at the onstage piano does not work, instead it shows the action stage constraints. Robin Thicke really like the color of vocal Nicolle. Alanis Morissette Mathai want to hold the final notes of the song. Their appearance only gives more freedom for Mathai to illuminate the stage with his character, while Nicolle there seemed to karaoke.
CD: Mathai, the song is in his favor.
BS: Mathai, you sing it out.
CA: Mathai, you Brought the energy.
CG: Mathai, your voice has a lot of uniqueness.
Winner: Mathai, we're talking about the voice at the end of the day.

# TeamXtina: Moses Stone vs The Line
The difference with the previous battle, the songs chosen by the coaches in this battle does not favor one party. Country vs. hip-hop rendition of rock and roll. Christina Moses wanted to sing and show versatilitasnya and Lionel Richie's uniqueness assured him that he had. Jewel to The Line featured as artist, not just a wedding band, plus use the story of their past to help connect with the songs sung. The reality is the song, The Line is above Moses, and the only part of the rap that Moses rescuing the defeat.
CD: The Line, They sing better.
CG: Moses, you work the stage is really natural.
AL: The Line, the fact of the show is the voice.
BS: The Line, both sides did really good.
Winner: Moses Stone, you have to be Able to versatile.

# TeamXtina already full to the Live Shows:
A. Moses Stone
2. Ashley De La Rosa
3. Lindsey Pavao
4. Sera Hill
5. Chris Mann
6. Jesse Campbell

# TeamAdam: Karla Davis vs Orlando Napier
Adam complained they were both on the basis of both musicians. The songs are chosen for the 'Rich Girl' is not known by the artist. Until finally they brought the song is 'Easy'. Alanis Karla guide in finding the best key for him. Robin believes Orlando is very stylish way of singing. This battle was fair. A harmonious blend.
CD: Karla and Orlando should be combined in a duo.
BS: Orlando, he did a better job.
CA: Karla, you were a little more entertaining.
CG: Orlando, you got this blue eyed soul.
Winner: Karla Davis, you have started blossom.

Karla Davis is the third artist Ashley De La Rosa and Moses Stone who advanced to the Live Shows where the auditions are not shown completely. # TeamAdam full already:
A. Karla Davis
2. Mathai
3. Pip
4. Katrina Parker
5. Tony Lucca
6. Kim Yarbrough

# TeamBlake: Jordan Rager vs. Naia Kete
This is the second battle song choice in favor of one party. 'I'm Yours' from Jason Mraz. Throughout the exercise Jordan challenged in harmony, while Naia had no problems with anything. Miranda Lambert helped Jordan to find his best position in this song. Kelly Clarkson surprised at the ability of Naia is perfect for the song. In the ring stage, Jordan did not get a chance to show his country sound typical, while Naia has its moment.
CD: Naia, for sure.
CA: Naia, you have natural groove with it.
CG: Naia, this song is very natural for you.
AL: Naia, I would have to go with her.
BS: Naia Kete, I go with experience.

# TeamBlake were ready to Live Shows:
A. Naia Kete
2. Erin Willett
3. Paul Jermaien
4. Charlotte Sometimes
5. RaeLynn
6. Jordis Unga

# TeamCeeLo: Tony Vincent vs Justin Hopkins
Journey song "Faithfully" CeeLo chosen for them by reason of the epic. Unifying them is stored in rock flavor characteristics of each of terinterpretasi in different things. Babyface convince Tony that he could reach the high notes that could make it stand out. Ne-Yo wants Justin uniqueness and emotion in his songs became the main weapon in winning this battle. This is just another battle.
CD: Justin, the song is more meaningful in the singing Justin.
AL: Justin, there's a dirtiness in your voice that i like.
BS: Justin, more solid performance.
CA: Tony, it's about the whole package.
Winner: Tony Vincent, package.

# TeamCeeLo:
A. Erin Martin
2. Jamar Rogers
3. James Massone
4. Toy Vincent
5. Juliet Simms
6. Cheesa

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