Tips to resolve chapped lips

Chapped lips can be caused by improper use lip balm, too long in air-conditioned, smoke or the heat inside. Do not let your beautiful appearance plagued with this problem.

Sometimes errors occur when we use a facial scrub. Carefully scrub may preclude the use of substances that are required to lock the moisture your lips. The following tips to resolve chapped lips:

Drink plenty of water
Dehydration is one reason lips dry and cracked, resulting in rough and there so lip blisters. However, do not ever try to peel the skin is chapped lips. Because it can cause inflammation and even bleeding. Therefore, make sure the intake of mineral water is always quite a day. 1-2 liters of mineral water you must consume each day.

Consumption of foods containing vitamin A and vitamin E
Meet the needs of nutrition, vitamins A and E. Menu consumption of green vegetables, wheat, tomatoes, carrots, oranges, apples, and so forth to meet the needs of vitamins A and E are needed skin.

Reduce the consumption of spicy foods
eating foods that are spicy or hot causes, such as durian, jackfruit, mango, and so forth, because it will cause cold sores and chapped lips growing
Apply coconut oil
Apply coconut oil on the lips before going to sleep on a regular basis.

Cucumber mask
Cucumber is also used, as a facemask is also good for chapped lips peach. How grated cucumber, then dab on the lips. Lips will tend to be gentler and not harsh, and it feels cool and comfortable.

Dab of honey

Brush the lips with honey, especially in the cracked section.

Aloe Vera mask
Aloe Vera is very popular as a material to solve problems of the skin. However, because it contains a sap that tastes bitter, you can buy a lip moisturizer that contains aloe Vera

Use a lip balm

Use a lip balm that contains milk before bed. Allow it to the next day.

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