Tips to choose your baby cosmetics

For couples who already have a baby, would have never felt happy baby shopping. Provide the best for children, ranging from head to toe. However, you need to consider safety, including in choosing cosmetics for your baby. Especially if your baby has a history of allergy. If you choose the wrong product, sensitive skin of babies can be an irritant.

Actually, the baby is not recommended to use a variety of skin care products except in accordance with the indication. Moreover, although intended for infants, care products that still contain fragrance, dyes, and preservatives, (said the dr. Rosalina Dewi Roeslani, Sp.A, from the Division of the Department of Pediatrics Perinatologi RSCM Jakarta).

Here are tips for choose cosmetics for your baby:

- Choose soaps with pH or acidity of the skin similar to ph (5-7). If the pH of soap exceeds this limit, the baby's skin will become rough and scaly
- Choose a shampoo that contains detergent does not exceed 35%, because if it exceeds the normal limit will make the baby's sore eyes. Alternatively, you can also choose shampoo that does not cause eye irritation.
- Use baby powder according to baby's skin, you should use is not excessive. Because even though the powder serves to avoid blisters on the skin folds of infants, but when it is mixed with the sweat should be cleaned with a damp cloth first, then sprinkle the powder dry again.
- Choose trusted brand telon oil. Because sometimes the telon oil can also cause allergic.

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