Successful tips to communicate with children

Sometimes anxious their parents when their words ignored by children. Sometimes parents need to learn how to effectively talk to children so that successful communication is established. Sometimes kids tend to choose the words of their parents, they are more than happy to respond to words that benefit him than the words of a pitched ordered, ordered or reprimand him.
It is commonly suffered on children aged 3-5 years, due to the pre-school age they still have the egocentric nature.

These some success tips to communicate with children:

Encourage children to talk since the early
Starting this step can we do when the child still in the womb. Although the child may not understand what we are talking about, but he will learn to pay attention and this is a good starting point for the creation of the next communication.

Give specific and immediate response time of the child saying
Spend some time alone with children, because by doing so the child will always feel close to you. Immediate response of children with good speech, how busy does not delay serving words of the child.

Be a good listener and respond seriously
Teach how the importance of listening. If the child feels heard, then he will learn to listen to us. By the time the child spoke and tried to express his wishes, they hope you will listen and respond to his word. Child will feel appreciated and will have more confidence to express them again.

Consider the expression
Help your child express desire with our self-expression. Note also the expression when delivering something. Simple responses such as smiles, nods will give positive encouragement to children who are being told it happy.

Know the capabilities and understanding of child characters

Talk with phrases do not merely lead to a yes or no, that sentence also avoid threatening, judgmental or accusing because it will make the child feel trapped. Understand your child's character and set the tone of your current deal.

Use short sentences and notice the eye contact
Preferred simple sentences rather than long sentences children. Eye contact when speaking then the child will feel we are serious, your child feel the attention and presence is so important.

Give an example and do together
With a concrete example, the child will absorb and imitate how to do something well. Invite children to clean up His toys that messy would be more effective compared him to do alone.

Be firm
Occasionally you need to be firm, so that children can obey the rules and apply the discipline. Assertion means saying what needs to be / should be done with a flat tone, but clearly.

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