Pre-Order "new iPad" Start Today

Apple has announced a new iPad, called “new iPad” or what we might call iPad third generation.

Latest IPad announcement was presented directly by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook on Thursday (08/03/2012) morning (GMT+7).

At the launch event held in San Francisco United States, Apple immediately disclose the price and schedule initial sales of this third-generation of iPad.

Apple tablet called the 'new iPad' now can be pre-order on Apple's online store starting today, Thursday (08/03/2012).

The price is priced from 499 dollars for 'WiFi only' model with a capacity of 16GB.

With the highest price is 829 U.S. dollars which have been equipped with 3G and 4G LTE and save 64 GB capacity.

The third-generation of iPad is available in two color variants, black and white; three variants of capacity, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB; two variants feature connections, WiFi-only and 3G/4G/WiFi.

Here's the full list price of 'the new iPad',
- Version 'WiFi-only'

16GB with a price of 499 dollars
32GB at a price of 599 U.S. dollars
64GB at a price of 699 U.S. dollars

- Version 3G/4G/WiFi

16GB at a price of 629 U.S. dollars
32GB at a price of 729 U.S. dollars
64GB at a price of 829 U.S. dollars

Subscribers who have pre-order, iPad orders will begin shipping March 16.

On the same day, Apple will open selling at retail stores in selected countries.

Indeed, not all countries can make reservations and buy directly from the local Apple retail store.

Countries that lucky to get first opportunity to get iPad third generation, are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, Britain and the United States

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