JetBlue Pilot Arrested for Crazy Act

A captain who was arrested to behave unexpectedly on a JetBlue flight. Clayton Osbon senior pilots should be treated on board his own after he ran up and down the plane with a shout of "bomb" and "Al-Qaeda".

Aircraft with Flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas was eventually transferred to Amarillo Texas due to a medical condition involving an airline captain.

The plane took off from John F. Kennedy International Airport at 07:28 local time and landed at 11:11 in Amarillo. According to, Wednesday (28/3), passengers are aware of the incident when a co-pilot, looking worried about the erratic behavior of his partner. He locked the door while his partner to the toilet and not allowed back into the cockpit of the aircraft captain.

Captain responded angrily, banging on the flight deck door, before he ran up and down the hall shouting, "pray".

Some passengers jumped from their seats. He was arrested by an NYPD personnel and a pilot who also was not on duty. They managed to strangle him until he collapsed to the floor and dragged the pilot to the floor. Pernumpang also holds a captain for about 15 minutes until the plane landed safely.

Video recordings allegedly made by a passenger and uploaded on YouTube showing a state of chaos in the plane.

According to the Amarillo Globe-News, U.S. Bureau Federation Investigation (FBI) in Dallas are investigating the incident. The passengers told the newspaper that the captain was rushed into the plane, taking out obscenities and screaming about the threat from Al-Qaeda and the bomb on board.

He "went into the toilet, then up again, shouting, 'Iraq, Al-Qaeda, terrorism', we're all going to fall '", the newspaper said.

"The captain of the plane was finally removed from the plane and taken to a local medical installations," said JetBlue. JetBlue captain's have dream of becoming an astronaut when he was young and wanted to fly the F-14 like in the movie Top Gun.

A spokesman of the airline told that all passengers will be reimbursed for the flight and receive a credit of two times the value of their tickets.

In 2010, Steven Slater, a JetBlue flight attendant, do rough on the passengers after the plane landed at JFK, take the beer from the food cart and exit the plane through emergency exits.

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