Jenna Talackova Disqualified from Miss Universe Canada 2012

If you watch at a glance, it would be very difficult to believe that this beautiful girl had been a man. But it was true. She is Jenna Talackova one of Miss Universe Canada 2012 Contestants who had disqualified because he was discovered born as a man and has made gender reassignment at age 19 years(Transsexual). Miss Universe to require that each participant must be born a lady who really is.

Jenna Talackovic

Disqualification is making Jenna was very disappointed because she still considers that she has become a complete woman.

A variety of support came for Jenna, recorded until today it has more than 21thousand people signed a petition letter addressed to the Miss UniverseOrganization to allow Jenna Talackovic running back for Miss Universe Canada 2012 will be on his final night in May.

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