Income Similar to Men Make Women Smoking

In the past decades, women are required to be more independent, equal with men, one of them are career and income are equal with men. It was welcomed as a woman can prove their performance and skills as men. But the bad news, the better their income, the greater their risk to become smokers.

Millions of women in developed countries, like Australia, USA, Canada, Sweden, and Norwegian had higher risk of disease and premature death in the next decade. The number of smoker’s women is similar to the men. This is because in these countries, women statuses are almost equal with men. That is the conclusion of statistical data that is made representative of the WHO in 74 countries.

Douglas Bettcher, WHO Representative, stated that these findings suggest the need for developing countries authority to act quickly and decisively in order to reduce the number of smokers women. He said the tobacco epidemic in these countries is still in its early stages, but can spread quickly if it takes into account global trends.

WHO proposed several measures, among others, suppress or prohibit advertising of tobacco products, particularly those dealing with women. Education adds that tobacco can kill the smoker. In addition, each year, 5 million people worldwide die from smoking. If left without action, this number will increase to 8 million in 2030.

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