Identify stress of the child

Do not think only adults who can be a lot of stress, but children as well. Psychologist and director of Personal Growth Dra Ratih Ibrahim, MM, said children ages 2-15 who are experiencing stress, 40 percent are children under five and 60 percent of school-age children.

Causes of stress the child is:
1. Less of communication
the lack of personal communication with the child's parents has the potential to make a child's stress. Attitudes of parents are authoritarian and less democratic trigger stress the child
2. Density of children
the many activities provided to children will result in a reduction in child time to play and recreation. This can lead children to feel bored, and can lead to stress
3. Stimulation is wrong
Provide the appropriate stimulation at the right age. Stimulation was wrong and too much instead, give a wide range of activities that make the child should feel depressed. Appreciate the play and character development in children.
4. The value of academic
Demands on the child's academic values should only be done but do not be forced child's academic ability, notice the needs of children in the development of talent, character, ability to interact with its environment.

In addition to knowing the cause of stress the child, parents need to know are signs of stress the child, including:
  • - Children tend to be more fussy than usual
  • - Easily offended by jokes or words of another person
  • - Being angry nature
  • - Loss of interest to play and do something
  • - The confidence decreases
  • - Indicates fidget
  • - Pulling away from friends
  • - The decline in the value of academic
  • - Having a bad dream
  • - Delirious during sleep
  • - Decreased appetite

May be useful and additional knowledge to be a wise parent in interacting with children.

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