Guava has much benefit

Guava is known by the Latin name of psidium guajava. Guava is often choice for relieving thirst. It was tempting to make this much-loved fruit. This fruit comes from South America and has been widely cultivated in many countries. Although the seeds are sometimes annoying, but the fruit is still favored by, many people because it pretty much for health benefits. Presentation of guava preferably in the form of juice.

Below some of the benefits of guava:
  • Guava is rich in fiber are known to help prevent gastrointestinal cancers and lowers cholesterol.
  • The content of vitamin C in fruit is five times more than oranges. This vitamin is concentrated [on the outer skin and the flesh is soft and thick. The content of vitamin C in guava able to meet the daily needs of children aged 13-20 years reached 80-100 mg per day and adults reach 70-75 mg per day.
  • Contained a substance lycopene in the fruit serves as a protector of the body from various kinds of diseases, especially cancer.
  • Mineral substances serve to facilitate the formation of red blood cell hemoglobin, making it effective for treating dengue fever and anemia
  • Chemically proven that the fruit, leaves and bark of guava tree also contain tannin. Guava leaves also contain various acids, such as acid ursolat, psidiolat, kratogolat, oleonolat, and guajaverin.
  • In beauty, this guava can tighten the skin if we consume every day. And can improve skin texture and makes our skin look younger

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