BMW Recall Hundreds of Thousands Cars Worldwide

A gentle step by BMW to pull back hundreds of thousands of vehicles, Series 5 and Series 6 worldwide. Yes, this step is performed in the framework of service to consumers, namely to prevent the risk of fire. Lately some sources, especially in the U.S. is busy talking about a recall of BMW series 5-6 because there was allegedly a potentially defective battery cable on the BMW 5 Series and 6 are to worried cause malfunction of the electrical system, which also allows the engine will not turn on, or can even cause a fire.

BMW Recall Hundreds of Thousands Cars Worldwide

For this reason, BMW asking these carsowners parked outside the house for awhile to prevent something unexpected. This suggestion appears especially in BMW environments in the U.S.. Owners of cars parked outside at least to check the battery cable in the trunk space is complete.

Then what about the BMW in Indonesia? According to the detik oto, Corporate Communication Director of PT BMW Indonesia Helena Abidin have not suggested a similar thing, "There is no such suggestion. Cars can be safely used and parked as usual while awaiting call letters from us. Consumers please contact the nearest BMW dealership. "In Indonesia, BMW has not found a case that could not start the car. Indonesia is certainly recall models BMW 5 Series BMW 6 Series and the older generation. The car that pulled the cars of 2003 to 2009. Owners of these models are invited to contact the nearest authorized BMW dealer for inspection.

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