Beauty without blackheads and whitehead

Beautiful face and smooth is the desire of every woman. However, the annoying when we smooth face adorned with the appearance of acne or blackheads. There are two types of comedones are seen as the enemy of women, namely, blackheads and whiteheads. The same as blackheads whitehead, which is a blockage in the skin layer. Blackheads, usually has a black eye and in it there is a solid form of dirt and grease. While Whitehead, soft shape and not stand out, just that it makes the skin look smooth and not greasy.
Tips to eliminate it:
- Clean your face, at least twice a day with skin care products that suit your skin type. Use a facial cleanser that contains salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl to open blocked.
- It is important to clean your face with cleanser and toner. The purpose is to remove dust and dirt as well as the fat of the maximum pore.
- Use the help of cotton and facial tissue, using tissue or rough cotton because it can make the skin injured
- Oily skin types may not require a lot of moisturizer. And you can use toner instead of moisturizer for oily skin is not increasingly
- Exfoliate the skin regularly, two to three times a week. Use exfoliating product all over face with circular movements and concentrated exfoliation in the forehead, nose and cheeks. Choose products made from gentle exfoliate with smaller particles. Exfoliating product or scrub them with a peeling treatment in the beauty salon.
- Be careful when using soap to scrub, especially when acne is inflamed in the face. Scrub it helps expels the blackheads, but always keeps it away from the skin of the injured.
- Do the evaporation of the face once a week. This treatment is great for open pores and removes impurities that clog. Evaporation of the skin also serves to clean the rest of the make-up, dirt and dead skin cells.
- After evaporation, you can remove blackheads using a comedone extractors can be obtained at a large cosmetics store or pharmacy. This tool serves to remove whiteheads and excessive oils.
- Rinse face with cold water afterward to keep pores back cover.

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