Angie Right Leg Pose at Oscar Celebration

Oscar celebration was over, but the story of Angelina Jolie right leg even more famous spread in cyberspace.

All started with Angelina poses, she show off her right leg. From the thigh to the ankle, all Angelina right leg exposed. Black velvet gown from Versace she wearing it lets it happen.

Angie Right Leg

Since her arrival on the red carpet, Brad Pitt's wife showing off her right leg is straight with a bold and challenging poses. Pose as if to say 'Look at my leg!'

As if not satisfied, when reading the Best Adapted Screenplay category winners, Angie is back showing off pose with laugh. For a few seconds, she put her left hand on the waist, and just pull out the right leg pose. Angie may have heard people talking about her legs, or maybe she just likes attention.

Funny thing back there when Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, also posing 'right leg'. Subsequently inscrutable, poses ' Angie right leg ' become talk of the whole world. There's even a twitter account called itself 'Angie' s Right Leg 'and already has 36,000 followers!

Wow, even 'just' right leg Angelina Jolie could be the world trending topic!

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