U.S. Military & Local Government Ready to Use Android Smartphone

Most of the government and military forces of the United States (U.S.) will be equipped with a smartphone with Android operating system. The function is very serious,, among others, to send an important government documents.

image: 411droid.com

Therefore, the Android smartphone is designed with high security with modifications in the software sector. Gadget will be used by the army for the first time, before it is used by federal agencies and local government officials.

According to Michael McCarthy, Director of Army's Brigade Modernization Command, the military has tested a handset for two years. About 40 phones sent to troops overseas. In March, there will be 50 more mobile phones and 75 tablets tested.

Previously, the U.S. government does not allow the use of the Android smartphone to send an important message because it is considered unsafe. Moreover, some viruses caught crashing Android.

However, the development of Android smartphones with high security is in final stages and is planned to be ready to use in the next few months. Smartphone being used is commercial type with specific modification.
Apple's iPhone and iPad are also interested by the U.S. government. However, Android is more popular today because their code is freely accessible, while Apple is still limiting.

"Android is more cooperative support some capabilities that we want while Apple tends to be opposed," said Angelos Stavrou from George Mason University who became a government contractor, quoted of CNN, Sunday (02/05/2012).

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