Samsung Create Voice-Based TV Remote Control

Getting satisfying smart TV consumers, Samsung created a universal remote control for Smart TV series of its products which connected to the Internet.

samsung universal TV remote control
image: ist

Unlike the remote control in general, this remote control eliminates a lot of buttons on its body. Instead, Samsung presents touch-sensitive trackpad, and voice-based controller technology.

Quoted from TechRadar, Wednesday (08/02/2012) South Korean company plans to launch this remote control in the second half of 2012, completing the release of Internet TV products.

Besides touchpad for adjust the volume, on the remote control, there is also a special button for do a search on the internet and a microphone if you want to change the channel or perform other using voice commands.

This step can be a part from Samsung's efforts to beat Apple that expected to enter the arena of TV High Definition (HD) this year. Samsung seemed not want to miss trying to combine voice control capabilities on the TV, considering Apple already has a similar feature called Siri.

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